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Where can i find free perfume samples online?

January 31st, 2009 Comments off

I’d like to know a site online that I can find free samples of perfume/colognes without any catches…signing up for credit cards n such. Is there a site you’ve requested and got the samples? ( ; Thank you. is pretty good, they have a variety of stuff, but i think they quit updating there website like a month ago
also non-perfume related, i go to a few times a week and type in “free samples” and pick the ones i want. i get some free little sample in the mail almost every day now. which is better than just getting bills:)

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Where Can I Get Free Cosmetic Samples?

January 31st, 2009 Comments off

are there any websites?

There’s almost nothing more irritating than buying a lot of expensive cosmetics and finding out after you get home that you don’t like them. You can protect your wallet from this drain by trying out free cosmetic samples first.

You don’t have to throw money down the toilet any more.

Trial offers for free cosmetic exist online. With just a little investment of your time, you can get freebies to help you better choose what’s right for you.

Cosmetics companies and other manufacturers want you to have freebies so they can build a fiercely loyal customer base. It does a company no good if you get home and find out your perfume stinks or the color on the package didn’t match the shade inside. What’s even worse for them and for you in this situation is that most stores won’t take the items back once they’re opened. But, thanks to trial offers for free samples online, those worries could be a thing of the past.

Get more at

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Where can I get legitimate free make-up samples in the UK?

January 31st, 2009 Comments off

I want to experiment more with make-up but of course do not want to spend a fortune on products I will never use again. Where can I get free samples of good brand name products like Mac or Estee Lauder!? Help please or recommend good products!

if you want free UK samples, I really like . They are great because they are updated daily and all of their offers are “catch free”, that means no long surveys, no pay offers. They also have a e-mailing list where they send you the free samples listed on their site. I use that so I get them in my email (but it is not required to view the free samples). Their descriptions are pretty funny too! If you are looking for a specific type of free sample, there is a categories list, and a search bar right above categories so that you can do searches.

Anyways I hope you enjoy!

Oh yeah if you aren’t from the UK you might like these sample sites. They are pretty much setup the same way but are special for specific countries

Canada Samples –
US samples –

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