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Get many MaryKay samples


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Free Samples, Low-Cost Make-Up, and/or Skincare Products

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Just some cool websites I thought you might want to check out.

1.) Mario Badescu

2.) Everyday Minerals

Warning: Typing in “” doesn’t work for some reason.

3.) Eyes Lips Face

4.) Coastal Scents

5.) Online Drugstore

Warning: I have never ordered from here before. I plan on sometime in the future. If you have ordered from here, please tell me how it went for you.

6.) Jesse’s Girl

7.) ShopCraze

Song: Poker Face by Lady GaGa

Thanks for viewing. Good-luck and have fun shopping!^.^

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Free Beauty Samples and Where to Find Them

June 28th, 2009 Comments off – where to find free beauty samples and coupon codes online

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Mineral Makeup: Aromaleigh Pure Blush

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Mineral Makeup: Aromaleigh Pure Blush

Aromaleigh Mineral Cosmetics Pure Blush. Pure, sheer, beautiful color. Our powder blush is made with finely milled cosmetic grade mica powders that are micro-coated with organic FD&C dyes. These treated micas allow us to formulate a mineral makeup blush that has a glowing, sheer quality and intensifiable color, without high shimmer. This also means that you can use all Pure Blush shades on your lips, as they make beautiful sheer lippies! If you would like to avoid organic dyes in your cosmetics, then we suggest our Pure Rouge. All Pure Rouges are free of FD&C dyes. Pure Blush comes in six sheer shades, suitable for a variety of skintones. Due to the sheer, translucent and skin-hugging effect of the mica mineral, your natural skin tone shines through when you use our blush, facial powder or eye shadows. All of our cosmetics contain mica powder, which reflects light from the face, creating an illusion of a smoother, softer and more radiant skintone. Fine lines are softened, skintone is more even and more lucid. Size: This product is packaged in a clear plastic jar with sealed sifter. Full size: .5 oz net volume (Approx 7 grams net weight) . Mini Jar: .33 oz net volume (Approx 4 grams net weight). Sample Baggie- 1/4 teaspoon (enough for several applications). Our mineral cosmetic blush colors may look light in the jar, but various looks can be achieved with them. Applied sparingly with a brush, you get a natural, flushed look. If you apply too much, tone it down with some face powder. Want more color? Try lightly rubbing your cheeks with your fingers, or create a creme blush by adding some of the Pure Blush to your favorite lotion. Pure Blush Color Descriptions Pink: Provides a natural, healthy flush. Best for cool skintones. Peach: A natural Peach tone best for warm skintones. Mauve: A natural rosy/mauve/pink blush. Best for cool skintones- looks very purple in the jar but warms to a mauvey-berry on the skin Rosewood: A Rosy/Peachy shade, provides a natural

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What is your favorite mascgara?

June 28th, 2009 Comments off

I have a sample of Estee Lauder that I love, but I know it's kind of pricey. I bought some Revlon and by the end of the day I looked like a raccoon…very smudgey!

There's nothing like Maybelline mascara — tried and true — for well over 30 years now for me. Way back then, there was the small white container and also the pink and green container (sorry but I forget the exact product names). Nowadays, there are several types, and I use a silver container called "Full and Soft". It makes my skimpy lashes look just like its name, full and soft! No smudges or overdone clumpy look. It costs about $6 and can be found in any drugstore, Target, Wal-mart, etc. Great value, great performance, great all around!

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What color of mascara is the best if you have brown eyes?

June 28th, 2009 Comments off

According to Almay Intense Color Mascara is best to use black brown mascara if you have brown eyes, is that true or is best to use very black mascara to make brown eyes pop?
PS: My skin is a fair tone.

i have brown eyes and i use 5 different colors of mascara, i have black, black/brown, violet(almay), blue(almay) and clear. i like trying differnt things and from what i've learned it all depends on how intense you want your eyes to pop. the violet (i love) does a low key, attractiveness to my eyes. like they look different but you cant exactly tell how. but black is the most dramatic and my favorite.

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What Maybelline mascara and products do you love most?

June 28th, 2009 Comments off

I love Maybelline and was wondering what Maybelline products you love. I don’t know if Maybelline tests on animals so, if you do, will you please let me know? THANKS!!!
Yea, I was thinking about trying the colossal mascara, but I heard that it smells kinda wierd, but I will be sure to seek out all of these sooner or later. Thank you so much everyone!

volume mascara in the blue tube waterproof, matt mouse foundation, and silver plum # 400 lipstick, however they changed the formula on the lipstick and it is thicker i wrote them about this and they said they did change it, they sent me a coupon for $15 which was cool so send them an email and see if you can get some free makeup too

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Why does my 14 month old insist on licking the perfume samples in my magazines?

June 28th, 2009 Comments off

Every time I leave a magazine laying around on the floor she manages to get to the perfume samples and instead of smelling them she licks. Could she be lacking something in her normal diet?

At her age, everything goes in the mouth…it is a developmental stage. You could certainly remove the magazines if it bothers you. Taste and smell are very closely related and that is the way children of her age experience the world. Texture, touch, smell, taste…that’s why it can be so frustrating at this age. This can be a time of teaching,
“Smell with your nose” and then show her. “Smells pretty” or “Smells icky”. “Not in your mouth. Achy”…or whatever terms you care to use.

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Get free product/cosmetic samples online?

June 28th, 2009 Comments off

Is there any way possible to get free cosmetic samples without going through all those long surveys just to recieve it. I already know about has freebies on all types of items, including perfume, cosmetics, t shirts, hats, shampoo and much more.

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Where I can find free make up samples?

June 28th, 2009 Comments off

are there any websites where I can get free samples of make up or free deals? Like MAC, Revlon or anything else?

I've gotten some good mac and shiseido stuff from

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