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Revive dried out lip stain marker?

December 4th, 2010 Comments off

My revlon lip stain has been dried out from the time it was opened. It doesnt deposit colour anything as easily as the samples did at the store. Is there any way that i can get thr markers to work properly? They have never been left uncapped or anything, but they write as if they are dried out.

They things dry out VERY fast. If you want a better lip stain marker that won’t dry out as quick try Maybelline’s one. It’s much better!

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Which Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer should I get (10pts for best ans)?

September 8th, 2010 Comments off

I’ve been having a huge dilemma over what shade of LM tinted moisturizer to get. I’ll be ordering the product online as there aren’t any Laura Mercier counters available where I live, so I won’t be able to bring some samples home or try out the different shades first hand. I am a Revlon Toast, Makeup Forever 173 and M.A.C. NC42 (although I find this shade a tad too light for me), so any recommendations for someone with my skin tone?

Also, I have dry, acne-prone skin, so which of the three tinted moisturizers would be best suited for my skin? I was thinking of getting the oil-free one despite my dry skin type, as I’m looking for something less greasy (this is bearing in mind the fact that I found my last tinted moisturizer BeneFit You Rebel too greasy for my liking) so that I may mix in my own sunscreen and daily moisturizer. I’m just worried that even then, it’ll still be too drying for my skin. :(

Any advice would be much appreciated really! :D Thank you so much.

I suggest trying a lightweight moisturizer underneath and getting oil free. Also, I don’t recommend mixing, but layering is okay. Just remember higher spf will make you seem whiter in photos and the tinted moisturizer has spf in it.

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Where Can I Find Free Makeup Samples Online?

August 29th, 2010 Comments off

Where can i get FREE makeup samples (no cost, no shipping charge)?

Specifically I’m looking for brightly colored pigments, but any kind of makeup will do.
The brand doesn’t matter, drugstore makeup (i.e. Cover Girl, Revlon, L’Oreal Paris, etc.) or expensive name brands would be MORE than amazing, because i cannot afford them (i.e. MAC, NYX, Urban Decay, Too Face, Ben Nye, MakeUpForEver, etc.) but on some of these websites (i.e. MAC) they charge for samples.
But anyways FREE makeup, NO shipping charges.

Thanks :)

Be very careful some might make you do offers but for the most part there really arent that many places that do that just search is your best bet or go to Sephora, Body shop and Mac or even macys all of them have small containers and ask for samples and tell them can I try some things out I never shopped here and want to but I want to try the makeup first anyways I hoped I helped and btw I have a makeup giveaway on my youtube channel its Stila benefit and something else…

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Free samples from companies? PLEASE READ AND ANSWER!?

August 19th, 2010 Comments off

Okay so I want to try revlon photoready foundation, but im not really willing to pay 15 dollars for it, and it not work for me. Thats to much money to be just throwing away, especially since im only in high school.
Is there any way revlon could send me a small free sample of this?

ok best thing I know to do is to write the company praising their product. pretend you already use it tell and tell them how much you love it. they get so many complaint letters that yours will stand out. i used to do this a lot. They will usually send you something back like vouchers or samples. so give that a try. :)

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looking pretty during a weekend camping trip?

August 9th, 2010 Comments off

im going camping this weekend, uhm.. in order to stay somewhat pretty and not all icky i’m bringing some john frieda ‘poo & condish samples, hair serum, i’m bringing a foundation (revlon PhotoReady) a mineral powder, concealer, and a tinted moisturizer, and a plum colored waterproof eyeliner. also i have a lotion/spf sample, and 2-in-1 ‘poo/condish just incase, and tigi bedhead after party for my hair’s silkinesss :)
what do u think??

sounds great! you did a good job packing.

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my foundation always comes off – please help?

June 15th, 2010 Comments off

i moisturise, prime, apply foundation and then use powder.
I have tried maybelline dream satin liquid, revlon colourstay, collection 2000 longstay, maybelline dream matte mousse, a sample one from prescriptives and one from bourjois.
I have used various moisturisers, and have used different powders including revlon and rimmel ones. The primer i use is GOSH velvet touch.But when i am at school or anywhere really, my makeup comes off, usually in the first 4 hours or less. Please help.

Use waterproof make up which is usually also sweat proof. Clinique’s Work Out make up is great. Clinique also has a fantastic return policy. Just save your receipt. If you don’t like it for any reason, they’ll exchange or return all your money.

Good luck.

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Loreal matte morphose..who’s tried it?

May 9th, 2010 Comments off

I’m looking for a new foundation and i’ve heard a few posotive reviews on the Loreal Matte Morphose foundation.
Infactt i found a little sample in a glamour magazine but it wasn’t my colour..but i must admit it felt SO soft! Im pale with dark hair, dark eyebrows and light brown/hazel eyes, and the one thing i want in a foundation is a clean flawless effect. Although my skin is considerably clear, i have problems with pink and blotching of my skin at times as i blush easily and at the moment im using Revlon colourstay, which is good and everything but the coverage isn’t amazing on my cheeks and after a few hours of wearing it, it gets a bit flaky and dry.
I dont wear a lot of makeup, so the foundation is important to me seeing as i don’t wear anything else once i’ve put that on apart from mascara..(as a daily routine-school and stuff)

so if you have tried it, or know someone who has, what are the results?
out of 10 how much coverage does it have?
does it last?
does it look flawless?

Same i got a free trial thing in Glamour, and its awesome! Would highly recommend it!

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i bought loreal…?

May 1st, 2010 Comments off

true match super blendable makeup from drug mart.. the card sample matched me fine in the store and when i used it, it made my skin look a little orange..can i return it since i used it??

what is another good makeup to use that wont leave my skin oily or clog my pores or leave my face dry. ive used revlon..almay..loreal..and none of them i really care for. i buy them and i dont like them. please HELP!
i believe i have used CG too

Yes it can be returned with receipt. I use Mary Kay. Their skin care products are the best and the makeup i just love especially the eyeshadow and lipsticks they are marvelous. Look for a marykay rep in your area or log on to Hope this helps.

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Grrr, My hair color is soooo weird?

April 24th, 2010 Comments off

Sorry It’s so long but please read the whole thing…

Okay so a few months ago I had my hair dyed a natural (sorta ashy) blonde with some real ashy highlights, and my skin and eyes have warm tones in them so it just washed me out really bad.

Then I wanted a pretty light golden brown so I went to Sally’s and bought pro hair dye (Ion to be specific) and I liked the color of the hair sample on the shelf.

Soooo, I went home and had my mom dye my hair, and it came out super dark and an ashy, greenish, mousy brown lol, it looked horrible. And my highlights looked even ashier.

Anywho, its been about a month, and I just can’t take it anymore, looking in the bathroom mirror at school with those horrible florescent lights makes me wanna puke.

Oh and also my natural hair is strawberry blonde and I don’t like it (so thats why I have been dying it) but before I dyed it light brown, I had like 2 inches of my roots and when I dyed it, the roots came out the perfect color.

So, I don’t really have anymore money to spend on salon people (that most likely won’t get it right) because I just got sewn in extensions like 5 days ago and I’m getting them out tomorrow, thank God, I hated them.

So I was hoping that I could buy a box of L’oreal hair dye, or some other brand, at Walmart or wherever and it will cover up that ugly ash brown and the highlights for a natural, one toned color, like, the color of Jessica Alba’s hair on the home page:

Or is there anything else I can use to correct it, I can’t do it at a salon and I guess I COULD stop at Sally’s but my mom wouldn’t be that happy lol, I just need some advice… Thx!!!

you need to go to sallys because they can help you. You need to buy a color stripper and then dye your hair the color you want. They will tell you the best products to use but i use Color Oops and it works well. Your hair will be kind of orangey when you’re done so don’t freak out, but it’ll give you a nice base to start over to dye brunette.

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Anyone Looking for Product Freebies or Free Stuff?

April 17th, 2010 Comments off

Ok, I am getting more and more into finding product freebies online these days, well why? Because the economy is not good for me at this time and besides, anything I can get for free, rather me having to pay out of my pocket, sounds really appetizing to me right about now!

I like beauty and health related stuff, oh and of course food freebies is good as well. I even joined a couple of survey companies from this site to make a little extra dough! I kinda like the survey thingie as I find it pretty cool to answer questions about certain products or people and receive a check or cash card for it….not bad huh?

Anyways, check out and there are categories that you can browse into and check out what’s availbe and all. So far, I received my free lipstick sample from Revlon!!! I thought it was not real, but you really can win free stuff online! You have to read the fine print of course, but hey it’s worth the try?

I get all my freebies at They have over 4,00 listings with new stuff added each day. No annoying offers to complete either. Here’s a direct link:

While you’re there, check out the sweepstakes too. There’s all kinds of great stuff you can try to win. The Instant Wins are my favorite because you get to find out right away if you won anything:

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