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How to become a free game tester and make money doing it?

January 9th, 2011

Im looking to become a game tester but I want to test the games for free and earn money dong it.Is there any thing out there like that?

It is but the ones that hire are game developing studios, although I think there’s a major competition for this type of job. Plenty of people are willing to play a game over and over again, 10 hours a day, just to find bugs & glitches.

Well first it would be great to have some experience/knowledge. Get yourself any beta game or software and then try it, see if you can find any bugs. Steam has a beta participation program. Then ask your local game developing studios if they are hiring anyone and what are the requirements for the job.

But why would anyone pay to test a game if they’re going to hire you with a pay? The studio/company covers all the cost if needed, otherwise it’s a scam.

You can also become a capitalist. Earn some money and put it into stocks. All stocks went up since the 08 crash. It was a beautiful opportunity for investors. I learned how to trade from Phil Grande on his Phil’s Gang radio show.

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